“Anarchist books are a weapon against modern totalitarianism”

Organizing the Anarchist book fair in Patras, Greece has been an idea with which comrades currently participating in the self-organized social center “Epi ta proso” 1 have been flirting for quite some time. The success and our positive review of the events of the past two years push us to organize the book fair for a third time, aiming to become established as three days of events, discussions, presentations, cultural activities and, obviously, of promoting the political books and book publishing.

The aim of this festival is to bring out the wealth of anarchist, anti-authoritarian and libertarian concepts and diffuse anarchist ideas into society, especially young people across the city. This is particularly important at a time when state propaganda against those who opt for self-organization and grass-roots initiatives as a means to fight prevails, and racism, social cannibalism and turning to fascism are presented as the sole options to overcome the unfolding crisis.

At the same time, even within the resistance movement, political discussion and exchange of ideas to achieve a more in-depth analysis is treated with contempt; we thus believe that promoting self-education, political and theoretical investigation, preserving social and working-class memory against lifestyle anarchism and political hooliganism are of prime importance in the direction of a wider reconstruction of the radical and revolutionary movement.

This year, the 3-day book fair will consist of book presentations, , events and screenings on various topics.

During the festival there will be a permanent poster and photo gallery featuring important moments of the anarchist and wider radical movement of Patras.

Our aim is to create an event freed from state intervention and commercialism, to transform a public space into a meeting place for open discussion and criticism. Any contribution in money is strictly limited to helping the initiatives that put this festival together keep going and to covering the expenses of the event.

Cultural events and exhibitions are based on the political necessity for the re-appropriation of public space; an attempt to convert this space into a meeting place of resistance and creation.

On Thursday and Friday (26-27/5), the book fair will open at 6 pm and on Saturday (28/5) at 12 am. There will be a political/radical book exhibition, political poster and photo gallery, self-organized music distro, and texts and magazines of the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement.

We would like to thank all those that responded positively to our invitation to organize this event, whether publishing collectives, cultural groups, self-managed social centers/squats or political groups.

Self-organized social centre “epi ta proso” | 87 Patreos st., Patras, Greece

1 This was the name of an anarchist newspaper, published from 1896 to the early 20th century in the city of Patras. The group of anarchists running the newspaper had the same name; allegedly, they were the first anarchist-communist group in the country. Epi ta proso can be freely translated as “going forward”.



Thursday 26 May

18:00 Presentation of the book “The diary of a Renault worker”, by “Kinoumeni Topi” publishing collective

19:30 Presentation of the book “Anarchism and anthropology”, by “Sophita” publishing collective

21.30 Theatrical play “Mamma Togni” (Dario Fo & Franca Rame), by the company “Piragma”

Friday 27 May

18.30 Presentation of the book “My brother, Stelios” and discussion about the reappearance of the anarchists in Greece during the military-fascist dictatorship, until first hears of late “metapolitefsi” (political changeover), by “Rigma” publishing collective

20.30 Discussion: “Greek militarism in the age of SYRIZA”, with presentation by “Xipolito Tagma”

22.00 Screening of the documentary: “Ecos del desgarro” (80′) of libertarian film collective “Camara Negra”

*also on Friday there will be a presentation of the 10th Balkan anarchist book fair that will be held in Ioannina from 23 to 25 of June

Saturday 28 May

18:00 Presentation of the book “Against the State: the open passage to social liberation. A contribution to political theory of social anarchism”, by “Naftilos” publishing collective

20:00 Presentation of the book “Social outcasts: history of punk scene in Athens, 1979-2015”, by “The Unpredictable” publishing collective

22:00 Theatrical play: “Apology of Theofilos Tsafos”, by Re Alexis

(Re Alexis was a Cyprian revolutionary of medieval Europe)

*On Saturday, on the occasion of “Social Outcasts” presentation, there will be a poster gallery about historical moments of underground and D.I.Y. music scene.



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